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Adian Professional Corporation is a Mississauga and Markham accounting, bookkeeping and tax firm that was founded by Purvish Shah in 2012. We started out as a small firm but over the years we’ve grown mainly because our clients are happy and love to refer us. While the business has grown, we’re still close-knit and love to serve our local Mississauga and Markham community. Your business advisor should be big enough to trust, but small enough to care, just like the advisors at Adian Professional Corporation.

Who we serve

We serve a range of businesses in Mississauga, Markham and wider Ontario but specialize in owner managed service-based businesses. This is because we have a unique understanding of the industry and type of business you run, after all, we run one of them ourselves! Running a business like this takes a certain type of person. One who’s skillful, passionate, dedicated and wants to improve. We understand exactly what you’re going through and we can help. If you’re an ambitious business owner wanting to grow your company and need some financial help, talk to us.

How we work

Our clients value our ability to simplify their bookkeeping and back-office systems, freeing them to work on, instead of in, their businesses. By giving you real-time financial information, we help you make better decisions. Also, we ensure all your tax needs are taken care of with timely reminders about filing and payment deadlines.

About Purvish

PurvishPurvish founded Adian more than 7 years ago after cutting his teeth at a regional accounting firm as well as a “Big-4” accounting firm. As a result of his vast experience, he saw a range of owner-managed privately held enterprises which gives him the expertise he has today. Purvish obtained his CPA,CA designation in 2007 from CPA, Ontario and he also holds a BA in Accounting and Masters of Accounting from the University of Waterloo so it’s safe to see he’s got the qualifications to match his experience.



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