The cloud makes your life a whole lot easier

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The many benefits

Running your business in the cloud changes your life…and that’s not an exaggeration! It’s simple, smart and secure and helps you streamline your business. Below we’ve listed just a few of the many ways it can help, but please get in touch to find out more.

It saves you time

The cloud has automatic bank feeds, simple reporting that’s easy to understand, powerful online dashboards and eliminates the need for data entry. It’s great. Do we need to say more?

This is a big one: you can get paid twice as fast!

Do you want to get paid faster? That’s a silly question right? Cloud accounting has online invoicing built in which means you can create and send customized invoices to your clients quickly. You can also connect to payment platforms and get your invoices paid right away!

It gives you the freedom to run your business on the go

With Quickbooks Online accounting software, you can access your financial information from anywhere, anytime, on any device (providing you have internet). It couldn’t be simpler!

You can access your data in real-time

Cloud accounting software is a gamechanger. It gives you the ability to view your financial information as it’s happening (we call that real-time). This means you have the info you need to make quick and accurate decisions when you need to. If you see your sales are low for you can make changes during the month before it’s too late. This saves you from finding out at the end of the month (or later) and not being able to do anything about it!

It gives you a precise picture of your business

Understanding exactly how your business is tracking is key to running a successful business. But how on earth can you make smart decisions if you don’t have all the right information? Quickbooks allows you to access a tonne of insights from the dashboard, including information about your cashflow. Understanding your cashflow position is important to effectively running your business.

You can get rid of your receipts

Going paperless sounds awesome doesn’t it? It’s possible, and easy to do, with cloud technology! Use your phone to capture your receipts and manage your expenses easily and say goodbye to paperwork you don’t understand.

It’s secure

Working in the cloud has multiple layers of security. If your phone, tablet or laptop is broken, lost or stolen, all your data is safely backed up in the cloud.

Work with your accountant easily

You can grant your accountant and bookkeeper access to your file so they can see your numbers in real-time. This means they’ll be able to get accurate information and give you relevant suggestions. Better business advice = better business decisions. It’s a win-win!

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